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Our mission is to make accounting easy and affordable. We make your job easier giving you more time to do what you do best.

Help for New Businesses

Here is a checklist to get you started:

If you are a new business and wonder how you can get started, your search is over. Try our New Business Checklist to see what you need to get done to comply with the law. There are many state and federal requirements. Here is the place to get started.

Affordable payroll help:

Consider getting help for your payroll needs. While it is possible to do this "in house" (by you or an employee), getting professional help will save you significant time and money. No more trips to the bank or filling out payroll reports. Payroll E-Services allow us to file and pay your taxes electronically.

Let us take care of the details while you take care of your business. For more information, go to our Payroll page.

For Restaurants and Other Tip Environments:

If you are a restaurant or other business that receives tips, we have a new place to get help. Try our Tip Reporting for Employers page. There are forms, IRS Publications and summaries of what you need to know.


Support for QuickBooks Users

We offer an easy way for QuickBooks users to stay on track. Many firms offer support for QuickBooks users. Usually this involves dropping off disks or emailing files. This can create problems such as lost, duplicate or overwritten files.

Our method is a safe, convenient way for our clients to get us their QuickBooks file. This also allows us to make changes to your QuickBooks file and get it back to you safely and easily. All you need is an internet connection. This is not an email program but is a safe, encrypted way of transferring your file(s) over the Internet.

You can send us either a "Review" copy of your QuickBooks file or you can send us the "Working" copy of your QuickBooks file. With the "Review" copy, you will continue to use QuickBooks without interruption. With a phone call, we can discuss any problems or questions you might have while we both look at your QuickBooks file. With the "Working" copy, you will temporarily be excluded from using your QuickBooks file while we help you make some changes and send it back to you.

Try our QuickBooks page for additional information on software. We also have some user tips on our QuickBooks Tips page.


Feel free to send us a question. Sometimes a quick email can save hours of work. We'll try to get back to you quickly. Use the email link or click on:

Schedule C, self-employed filers: Go to this page for recent changes for 2011 returns.

If you are interested in the next course offering, visit our Classes page for more information. This is a great way of getting a lot of expert consulting at a low cost!

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