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IRS Links

This is the site map for the entire IRS website. Start here with your topic of interest. Also, you can download forms.

IRS Publications

Find information on most tax issues in these many publications.

NH Department of Revenue Administration

Start here for any issues regarding NH State taxes including property, interest & dividend, business profits and business enterprise tax. Also, this a great place for new businesses to get information on registering in the state. You can order necessary State employment forms.

NH Department of Employment Security

If you are about to setup payroll, give us a call for some assistance. If you need to report the hiring of an additional employee, adjust a prior report, or even get a spreadsheet to help you calculate the "net taxable wages," try this site.

NH Secretary of State, Corporate Division

File your corporate Annual Report online and find forms related to the formation of your company. Also find information on how to fulfill other legal requirements for operating a business in New Hampshire.


We provide full payroll services. Don't worry about deadlines or penalties again. Our e-services makes payroll easier than ever.


This is an outstanding starting point for many tax and accounting needs. I would bookmark this as a favorite.

A good website to find accounting organizations, bookkeepers, training and software. Use their search tool to quickly find what you need.

Accounting Page - Comprehensive Accounting Resources and Directory.    An accounting directory for issues including tax, payroll and accounting.


Business Owner's Toolkit

A good website to find resources for your business. This has many links including: starting, planning, financing and marketing your business.


Other Links:

Health Savings Account Resource Center:

Are you interested in affordable health insurance while providing a tax benefit as well? As health insurance plans begin to have ever increasing deductibles and exclusions, you might feel like health insurance is not worth it. These high deductible plans keep your monthly premiums at a minimum while providing a tax deduction for most out-of-pocket expenses. Usually medical expenses are not deductible because they must exceed 7.5% of your AGI (adjusted gross income) and you need to itemize deductions. If your interested in additional information on New Hampshire's Assurant Health and how this works try our Health Savings Account Information page.

This is a great free program that enables your computer to read and print documents just as they were created. There are several "pdf" files available on this website. Unlike web pages, these files can be displayed, saved or printed with the quality of the original. Follow the link above to download this free program.




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