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Accounting Software:

Give us a call or email before you decide on a computerized accounting package. You will invest substantial time and effort in your accounting system. It is only advisable that you choose the right one.

Computerized Checks:

If it takes you a lot of time to pay bills, consider using computerized checks. Just enter the address and payment information once, then use windowed envelopes to send out checks quickly. These checks provide security features, magnetic encoding (MICR ink) and compatibility with QuickBooks, and Quicken programs. Intuit and other vendors offer computer checks but allow a couple of weeks for delivery.

Backup Software:

For backup software we use a free program that runs scheduled backups to most media and across networks. The program is called Cobian Backup. You can use a second harddrive, external USB harddrive or another computer to hold your backup files. We schedule backups to run every night to protect our data.

It is critical to have a good backup. Most businesses don't have what they need when they really need it. Some information is irreplaceable! Don't be the one that gets caught without it.



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