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Internet Search Tools

Quick Tips:  The web is a great research tool. You can find a vast amounts of information on any subject. Just try a few of these internet search techniques and you will narrow your search. Enter several words in any order, then try changing the words to refine your results. If you wish to search for an exact phrase such as "Maine lobster" just put quotes around the phrase. This will eliminate results related only to one of the words.

You can search this site or the entire web. This "search engine" has a great reputation for speed and accuracy.

Just enter a word or several words and hit enter.

Entire Web

AltaVista is one of the oldest search engines on the Web. It still has one of the largest indexes of web pages. Researchers like its advanced search commands, which allow you many ways to narrow your results.

This is a new search engine that uses different databases than Google. While it has a much smaller database to pull from than Google,, and AltaVista, it does exceptionally well at offering an intelligent grouping of search results into topic groups.

Metasearch tools: (This search engine searches other search engines.)

One of the easiest to use metasearch sites around. What makes it so valuable is that it sorts your results into folders, allowing you to choose which search engines to use (in the advanced search only). Your results come back in folders that show where a website appears on the multiple lists.

Specialized Search Engines

FirstGov provides searchable access to information from the US government, State and local governments. Information can also be browsed by category.

Our favorite search tool ("search engine") is Google. It is fast and accurate. Use the Google search window here or click on the link and save as a favorite.

Try our Search Techniques for difficult subjects.

For advanced users, you can download a "plug-in" so you can have the Google search bar at the top of your browser.

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