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Financial Statements:

Financial statements can provide a small business the necessary financial information for loan applications and tax return preparation. Even if you have a current accounting system, adjustments are usually necessary to bring the financial statements in compliance with generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP).


Tax Returns:

While some people try completing their own tax return, the complexity can be overwhelming. We usually do several amended returns each year to correct returns that were self prepared. In most cases the savings would have more than paid for the cost of preparation.


Accounting System Setup and Support:

We offer QuickBooks installation, setup and support. Here is where a small investment early in the process really pays off. We see a lot of QuickBooks files that have gotton off track. Sometimes many hours of data entry work are done with little benefit to the business owner. When your starting out with a new accounting system such as QuickBooks, it pays to have it set up properly. Accounting system setup can be as little as $450 and monthly support plans start at $60 per month.


QuickBooks Consulting:

See our Accounting System Setup and Support above. We also provide ongoing support. Our support plans start at $60 per month and provide expert help on your situation. Included in our support is a secure file tranfer method to send a copy of your QuickBooks file to our office. To see how this works go to our How File Transfers Work? page. This allows us to either look at the same QuickBooks information and discuss recommendations or make changes directly and return it to you.

We also can go to your location and work one-on-one. Sometimes 1 or 2 short sessions can get you back on track.

For additional information on how we set up QuickBooks for your business, go to our QuickBooks Setup Process page.


IRS Problem Solving:

Get the IRS off your back! These problems will never go away. Many issues and outstanding balances can be cleared up easily. In some circumstances, outstanding balances might be settled for considerably less than what is owed. We are able to act on your behalf getting you the best possible resolution.


Litigation Support:

Sometimes financial information can be confusing or misleading. We make sense of the numbers especially when it counts. We offer opinions, reports and expert testimony in the areas of divorce and business valuation.

We also provide support in the areas of residential construction. We have over 20 years experience in residential construction. Whether you need an evaluation of a current project or a completed project, we offer opinions, reports and expert testimony.


Management Advisory Services:

Management advice can be an inexpensive way to help with decisions that most businesses face. These decisions can provide long term benefits. Sometimes "flying by the seat of your pants" can cost you dearly. We have helped many businesses face critical decisions that will shape their outlook for years to come. Some questions you might be asking yourself are: "Why is it that we never get ahead?" "We can't keep up with our workload, should we hire more help?" "Could an investment in equipment or buildings provide the edge we need?" "Should we lease or buy equipment?" Let us help you see these issues from new perspective. Sometimes the decision is easy when you have all the necessary information.


Payroll Services:

We have complete payroll services including free direct deposit and electronic payment of payroll taxes (Electronic Federal Tax Payment System). Never miss a deadline again! Spend your time doing what you do best. Leave the worries to us. Go to our Payroll page for more information.


We work with many businesses using QuickBooks. Periodically we offer classes in Wolfeboro on the intricacies of this program. Visit our Classes page for more information.

We recommend electronic filing for all individual tax returns. This provides proof of delivery and speeds up any refund that may be due.

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